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Kiyiz Duino 2012

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6th-8th August in Kyrgyzstan

A report by IFA member, Rosalind Johansson:

Public Fund "Min-Kiyal", with the support of Christensen Fund, realized the annual festival  - "Kiyiz  Duino" . The festival took place on the southern shore of  Issyk-Kul lake in Kyzyl-Tuu village, Ton region. Kyzyl-Tuu is home of yurtmakers.

The festival was opened by the ex-President of Kyrgyzstan Otunbayeva  Roza Isakovna. The festival "Kiyiz Duino" attended by all residents of the village, as well as more than 500 guests from other regions of Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

Among the guests there were also craftsmen, artists, businessmen and many other representatives of various spheres of activity. Guests were greeted by the villagers, dressed in traditional clothing, exposed galleries and street carts in the management of village children. Guests were able to visit the "Aiyl Dukonu" (village shop), where they were exhibited the work of local artisans.
The festival presented a theatrical show program - presentation of the process of traditional migration, with all its traditions, which was attended by local residents, actors of the city theater in honor to A. Omuraliev, actors of the Karakol theater, akyns and manaschy. Leading festival was Mirlan Samyikozho.

On the second day of the festival was showed a number of exhibitions: exhibition of the photographer Erkin Boljurov, exhibition of rare specimens of yurts, exhibition of old photographs, exhibition of felt work, a special exhibition of the work of the rural school pupils, exhibition dedicated to the work Upukan eje (local seamstress) and knitting dolls exhibition of local resident Nazira. As well as workshops of local seamstresses. The second day of the festival ended with a 4-hour gala concert of professional musicians : the Orchestra from Bishkek, Kanykei, Gulzada Ryskulova, Toktobek Asanaliev and local residents. During a concert held demonstration show of  traditional and antique clothing, ethnic art collection of "Tumar."

On the third day of the festival participants and guests had the opportunity to learn more about the village and visit the Salt Lake.

To the organization of the festival have been involved: a professional producer - Altynbek Maksutov, art director, photographer, designers and more than 60 volunteers from organizations: FRMI, Muras, Ak Shumkar Kut and local youth.

Public Foundation "Min-Kyial" plans to hold II International festival in early July 2013, this time it will take as a basis - kiz uzatuu (seeing-off the bride). Welcome to the Festival of felt "kiyiz Duyno" 2013!

You can view a video clip of the festival on YouTube For more information and photos on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.