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Moira West

Eye of the Storm (part image) - Alpaca, Blue Faced Leicester, Norwegian Red, and Jacob fleece, together with silk and crimped viscose felted on Organza. Inspired by the might of nature.

Lynn Ramsbottom


Most Snails have never heard of Fibonacci.

Hand dyed silk and merino hat.

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Liz Clay

Lesley Bossine

Green Scarf.

Jo Neil

The work is a Norwegian and merino mix wall hanging.

My current work is based on the theme of paper cuts. A reference to Hans Christian Andersen's amazing fairy tale paper cuts that he made and also continuing the theme of my own children in my work. This piece is the first of a series of pieces I have made based on paper cuts , lace and ironwork seen at the V & A.

More images of my work can be seen on my website

Anita Larkin

Conduit (309 x 128 x 120cm)

Anita Larkin: felt, leather and collected objects (

Barbara McConkey

Wild Flowers (22" x 36") was designed as a collaborative project for 40 students in grades K-5. Each student felted an individual flower that was included in the panel. Several flowers were attached after felting and beading was added to their centres.

Anna Sargent

The lion head, in a frame, represents 'Aslan' (C.S. Lewis' 'Chonicles of Narnia' books). This was the first 3D piece of needle felting I'd ever done, about 18 months ago now. I've since done two large scale costume heads/headdresses to be worn by actors - I've attached a pic of the Gryphon (Tower Theatre Company, 2007-8).

Andrea Graham

"Podospora": Felted wool vessel by Canadian feltmaker, Andrea Graham using Jacob, Organic Finn, Karakul locks, and Merino. Included in the multi-media, toured exhibit "Elemental Connection: an Exhibition of Sustainable craft".

Andrea Graham - Feltmaker.
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